Why the $1,000 will make a comeback

The $1,000 bill will make a return due to inflation, wage increases and even though it won’t be extremely common it will be used during cash transactions. 

Inflation is a natural thing, over time money becomes worth slightly less because there’s a bit more money in circulation every year. In theory there could be a limitless amount of money in circulation. An example is the billion dollar bills printed in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

I don’t expect there to be a billion dollar bill – America would collapse before that point, but if we keep inflating at the rate we’ve been inflating of 1.6% every year a $1,000 bill is likely to go back into circulation. The current inflation rate is 1.6%, every 26 years prices inflate by about 40% so if a soda costs $1 now it’ll cost $1.40 if a tv costs $1,000 now it’ll cost $1,400. 

Wages usually increase to match inflation most states are pushing to a $12 – $15 an hour minimum wage, and in some states there will be a $20 an hour minimum wage soon. That means most people will be making $600 – $800 a week if they work 40 hours and if it’s possible for everyone to get a $1,000 bill after just a small of work then they can spend it on larger purchases like TV’s.

I predict It’ll be as common as a $2 bill or gold dollars maybe, but it could be spent in a normal transaction. I know from my own personal experience working retail there are always a few hundred dollars in the cash register, but most stores have around $1,000 on hand – enough to cash out a $1,000 bill and that will become increasingly common as inflation creates more money. 

There will be a $1,000 bill. Heck Eventually if inflation continues as it is there will be a $10,000 bill also, but that’s a conversation for another day.

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