Why it’s so hard being a woman in america

It’s 2020 and it’s nearly impossible to be a woman and thrive in America.

Firstly women make up only a small majority of the country – this is unacceptable as there are too many men – we need less men. Until women outnumber men 3 to 1 things will never be equal, as women only make 75% as much as a man so women need to make up at least 75% of the population to balance things out.

Secondly women have too many options. With apps like tinder, bumble and instagram it’s super easy for guys to contact girls and for girls to find a guy willing to have a relationship, but don’t be fooled – you can never have too much of a good thing, the solution isn’t to reduce the choices of women, it’s to eliminate the choices of men completely – if we allow girls to pick whichever male slave they want to impregnate them we can reduce the beta genes degregating our society.

Thirdly women don’t win in family court enough; we all know mothers are better than fathers at raising children – it’s just a fact that having a vagina is objectively better than having a dick for teaching people things, so it’s a wonder why women only win 90% of family court rulings.

If you were the forced to fuck another man because your husband wasn’t giving you enough attention by “working” all the time wouldn’t you want money? Who cares if you make more than the man, the woman wants money so have some empathy.

Fourthly women aren’t educated enough – women are graduating high school and going to college at a much higher rate than men. This is not enough – we all know women are much smarter than men – their thoughts are too preoccupied with tits to have a high IQ, so since women are smarter they need to go to college more.

Since we can’t make women go to college more, we can prevent men from going to college for awhile to even out things – perhaps a decade or so – to allow things to balance out in women’s favor.

Fifth men are cheating – when women cheat it’s not cheating, because it’s just a defense mechanism against the patriarchy’s insistance on monogamy, which is super sexist – women should be able to make whatever choice they choose to make with their bodies and men should accept and respect it.

However it should be illegal for men to cheat – it causes emotional trauma to women and women are too delicate to handle that stress.

Sixthly women are murdered too often – men get murdered a lot more than women; this is good but it’s not good enough, there needs to be less men, in order to balance everything in women’s favor to make things fairer. I won’t rest till men are the victims of 95% of murders. Plus women are too value able to society with their wombs, duh.

Seven women aren’t in military enough – women should be the only ones serving in the military. One of the greatest ways to win battle is via trickery – and no one expects an army of all women, so we’ll definitely have the element of surprise when we conquest and annex the rest of the world to enslave all men… I mean to free everyone 🙂

Eightly not enough cuckold husbands – obviously we need to just cuckold the white man in general, but specifically some actions you can take in your own life include screwing your husbands boss, his father and his brother to go for the trifecta, then using his kids as a weapon in divorce court when you sue for custody because he “abused” you (this is only if he doesn’t allow you to sleep with other men).

There are hundreds of other problems women face – these are just the top eight. I may make another list with the opinions of others because as a cis het white cuckold Male my opinion is worthless, lol.

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4 thoughts on “Why it’s so hard being a woman in america

  1. Lmao. You could possibly hone this into a true work of satire and hilarity. its pretty good right now, but reads a little adolescent. It doesnt have very good pacing and “mature” fleshing out of the concepts.

    You might want to insert bits about depriving male infants of female breastmilk because that only empowers them to become rapists later, and how women need to start aborting fetuses if they’re males in order to attain the true equality that we need in life to offset basic male oppression. How about a sort of camp with high walls made from montana to which all males are forced into, to work, etc safely so women can “take back the night” and go around the country to pubs without fear of drugging, rape, etc? And of course, the best males from these camps are selected for breeding with. We are practically at that point anyway with bumble and tinder, so nothing really changes on that front. Actually handmaids tale is what is currently going on between the sexes right now, only the genders got swapped.


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