An eight day calandar

Currently every seven days is considered a week, and this is a system that has been around for a long time. The key words are “a long time” as in back in the days of the babaloynian empire it was used for fortune telling and was adopted by christianity and judaism afterword. This was a time when most people still thought the earth was flat and people slept twice per day. This system is archaic and should be updated for our modern day civilization. In order to do this we simply change the definition to every eight days.

The seven day calendar was invented in the babloynian era, a time when most people thought the earth was flat – unlike today when only some of them do. To put that into more perspectives if you had a dollar for every year since that time you’d have enough to buy half a pound of gold. There’s no specific reason the week was seven days – as some civilizations have had nine or ten like China. I’m only proposing eight days – one for each planet. If the system has no reason for existing I propose we change it to every eight days because seven is inefficient.

By inefficient I mean complex; seven is an odd number, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Eight is balanced, even and easy to comprehend. There are eight planets, and there should be eight days to match. 

There are currently 52 full weeks in a year, under this system there would be 45 full weeks per year. Currently the average American works around 1800 hours per week, or the equivalent of 76 days of their life straight, under this system it would be 1600 hours worked (5 8 hour days) which is the same amount of hours worked as back in 1980 – when our economy was booming. This means more time to spend with your families, and less chance of burnout. Companies could stay open with two full time employees working 4 10 hour days per week each on payroll.

One of the criticisms of an 8 day week is there’s less schooling for children, but I don’t believe more days is better, I believe more hours is better, so to compensate you can increase the amount of hours in a school day by one on the beginning and one at the end. This will have the added bonus of increasing teacher pay.

The seven day calendar is archaic and should be changed because it will not only increase efficiency overall but it’s the best thing for our modern day society. Now since this article is done I’m going to relax; I’ll see you on the eighth day.

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