If I could restart my life with five things what would they be?

If I had to restart my life with any five things here’s what they would be –

When I say restart my life I don’t mean fake my own death, like in a movie; I mean literally restart my life, as an infant in the hospital in 2000, these five things are the best things to give myself:

  1. I going to get $1 billion from warren buffet for filling out a perfect March madness bracket so in 2014 that’s what I would do, good for me.
  2. I’d invest every penny I came across from the time I was born up until my big winnings in 2014 and invest it in one company – I could’ve probably saved up $20,000 from birthdays, christmases and jobs so say $1 billion and 20 thousand total – into Amazon at $300 a share in 2014 or around 330k shares; more than 75% of the existing company. Amazon today is 6x as valuable as it was back then, so I just multiplied my money somewhere around $6 billion.
  3. I’m going to need some more money, and what better way to do that than by winning the lottery? It’s usually a nearly impossible thing to do, but luckily I have hindsight on my side and by that I mean a sheet with every lottery winning number since February 17, 2018; the year I’d become old enough to play; I’m also going to take cash, as I love compound interest, so here goes: somewhere around $5 billion which is a good number total is $11 billion at 20 years old in 2020, that would definitely set me up for life.
  4. I’d want to do something of value with my life, so how about theft? I’m bringing back a flash drive filled with every movie I like since 2020 and I’m going to put each one up in the movie theaters, so movie series like marvel etc will gross me let’s say $50 billion total since there’s no need to factor in expenses
  5. Finally I’d bring with me a cell phone from the future and a charger. Will there be any WiFi? Not for awhile, but in the meantime, I can use the design to found A company like Apple early on and make beaucoup bucks off of it – sorry Steve Jobs.
  6. Bonus: with all of my money I’d buy some sports teams – how about the Brooklyn nets and not make the trade for KG, the jets would be a good franchise to buy in the NFL, and the Mets to round out teams from New York that rhyme. For a total of $4.5 billion this seems like a steal to me. Plus I’ve still got $3+ billion left.

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