Top 15 Promotional Signup Bonus’s – Get money for basically Free!!!

  1. Acorns – Acorns is an investing app with a $5 signup bonus – enough to pay for a meal or a cup of Starbucks coffee in the morning. The bonus is secondary to how much you’ll save by rounding up your spare change on every purchase. Round ups are something that sets acorns apart from other investing apps, and is super beneficial for beginners just getting into investing. This may sound like an advertisement and it is; I’ll provide an affiliate link if you’d like to sign up – but it’s an honest advertisement. One time in particular I didn’t have enough money in my bank account and was nearing an overdraft; rather than snatch money they rightfully could have acorns cancelled the request and sent me an email explaining everything to me, so I am an acorns loyalist until the day I die because they saved me from a $35 overdraft fee. 
  2. Robinhood – Robinhood is an investing app much like acorns, with a free stock valued between $3-$200 as a signup bonus – at a minimum enough to grab a drink, and at most it’ll cover the cost of your gas for awhile. If you don’t want to sell your stock, you can expect it to increase in value over time, so down the road that could equate to a free pizza or even more. I personally love robinhood, I’ve picked up over a dozen stocks – it’s super easy to use, so it’s great for new people.
  3. Cash App – Cash App is a personal wallet on your phone that allows you to transfer money effortlessly. I was using PayPal for the longest time, but selling things on PayPal has consequences sometimes. For example, I received a false claim on PayPal about how I didn’t ship a product. Therefore I was looking for a new site to use, and came across cashapp. I received a $5 bonus when I sent $5 for the first time – free money is always great.
  4. Webull – webull is an advanced investing app. It isn’t difficult, just time consuming to learn. The great thing about webull is the free stock they give you just for signing up – all you have to do is deposit $100. I personally enjoy buying cheap stocks who are fluctuating low, for whatever reason, and reselling them for a small percent return. So far I’ve made $2 a day on my initial $100 deposit. 
  5. Stash – stash is an investment app; nothing much else to say past that. What I personally like most about it is the number of choices, and how simple the entire app is to use and navigate. 
  6. Swagbucks – swagbucks is an app that gives you points for generally using the app, and for taking surveys – simple enough. So if you have some free time you can make extra money.
  7. Ibotta – Ibotta it is an app that lets you scan receipts and get money back. If you have a credit or debit card, and you have a cashback program, it’s basically the same thing. Ibotta is cool because you don’t have to actually do anything with it, you just make money off of what you would normally buy already.
  8. Long Game – . Long game is pretty cool: similar to a gambling app, but you don’t have to put a lot of money in there to try it out. The games are cool and fun. I won a little bit off of there with my bonus’ of five dollars. Or you can use the app as a savings account with a gambling feature. 
  9. Blast –  blast is a savings app of sorts. One game is pretty cool where you can play games, and then save money based on that. It doesn’t give you free money for playing these games, but it helps you deposit a penny- let’s say- for every time you score a point (in certain games). It’s great it’s a great way for people to start saving when they don’t have a lot of experience, plus it’ll give you five dollars to start out.
  10. On my way – on my way is an app that pays you to stay safe when you drive. It prevents you from texting/calling and driving, which is a great thing. It has saved many lives. When I started out, I got a $10 signup bonus, and have made $20 since then for driving less than 100 miles. The great thing about on my way is you can set it in the background and not have to think about it.
  11. MooMoo – is an investing app like webull, you get a free stock for signing up and an extra one when you deposit $100. The great part is you can withdraw it almost immediately after, and hey a free stock is pretty cool.
  12. Aspiration – is a great banking app if you don’t have one; you choose how much in fees you pay, and you get $25 when you deposit $50 or more. There is also a high savings rate, and if you want you can sign up for this and the next one on the list.
  13. Varo – is my favorite signup bonus on this list – once you direct deposit $200 or more from a paycheck you get an extra $300!!! That’s a great rate of return and a lot of spending money for you. I use the varo savings account myself as there is a 2% interest rate.
  14. EToro – is a cryptocurrency app that gives you free cryptocurrency once you signup, this is an excellent deal as it’s free cryptocurrency like bitcoin. My luck so far with bitcoin has been pretty bad, but luckily it’s still free money.
  15. Sweat Coin – is an app that pays you to stay fit, it’ll give you points for the amount of steps you take and you can redeem those points for really cool prizes.

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