If I had one day left to live how would I spend it? 

If I had one day left to live how would I spend it?

Wake up is 12 am – I’m going to sleep the night before as early as possible so that I can get up early and get an early start to my day, so I can get the most out of my day.

Firstly before anything I’ll need a cup of coffee – it’ll give me that kick to get going: I’m going to drink a lot of that today.

Then of course I’ll make my bed – at this point it should be 12:15 am.

I’d go for a run planting my favorite music of all time; I’d have a playlist already picked out from the previous night that I’d finish up. I’d want to get those endorphins flowing to make me feel good. It should be 1:15 am. 

When I got back I’d eat a large meal – pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, hash browns and syrup, with a bowl of cap’n crunch on the side. It should be 1:45 am. 

After eating I’d shower up for the first time – I’m going to to a cold shower as it’s been my goal for awhile now but I always chicken out and warm it up – so I’ll push through it since it’s my last chance. It should be 2:00 am.

I’m going to do some yoga and stretching to wake up my body and then some meditation to relax me and put me in a calm mood. It should be 2:30 am.

I’ll practice my foreign languages – although I’ll never be fluent I do enjoy learning. 2:45 am.

I’m going to keep a journal, this will be the first time I write – I’ll make an entry in the morning about my feelings. 3:00 am.

 I’m going to write a blog article, it’ll be the last one I ever make on what I’ll miss about my life and post it. 4:00 am.

I’m going to do as much work as I can on the book I’m writing – I can fix it where there are 6 coherent chapters out of 22 and I’ll publish it on my blog with a note letting people know that all of the work is free – I just want the idea finished. 6:00 am.

It’s time for the gym I’m going to hit a full body workout because I’ve only got one left. I’m going to max out everything just to know my absolute limits  – 135 lb OHP, 200 lb bench, 275 lb Squat and 315 lb Deadlift. 8:00 am. I’m going to listen to an audiobook, some American classic novel that I’ve never heard on fast speed to get through it. I also rented a cool car and a tuxedo for later tonight.

I’m going to go boxing – I have a pair of gloves and I’ll go to my local mma gym and see if I can setup a match. Ten full rounds, and that’ll be for later on tonight. 8:30 am.

I’m going to eat a second breakfast – try an omelette, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, orange juice and some Greek yogurt + berries and oats. 9:00 am. I’m also watching a movie at this point, something I’ve never seen before, a classic like The Godfather or goodfellas. 11:00 am

I’m definitely not going in to work, so my boss will have to find someone to cover my shift – that’s bad for her, but I don’t care – I’ve only got one day left to live, so there’s no way in hell I’m working. 9:00 am.

Once the movie is over I’m going to write a song and record it, I’ve got a guitar and  phone so that’s getting posted. The song will be long, passionate and heartfelt. 1:00 Pm.

It’s time to eat, my super long day is only halfway over and I’ve got so much still to do. I’d eat some pizza, Brooklyn style from dominoes, some Chinese, and a hamburger. 1:30 Pm.

I’m going to record a YouTube video, a final goodbye to everyone in my life an adios. It’ll be so heartfelt someone will throw up. 2:00 Pm I’m also writing a note that my mom can keep my stuff

Now is for the fun things, im taking all of the cash/assets I can get – $2,000 worth – with me to go do some illegal shit. First I’m going to go buy a sample platter of every illegal drug out there and try a bit of everything – later on tonight. 3:00 Pm. I’m also going to hire an escort for later on tonight for some fun time.

I’m going to go through with that boxing match 6:00 PM. I hopefully win the fight, and am super hungry so..:

6:30 Pm I get something to eat – seafood, steak, pasta and soda. It’s all really good tasting food.

I’m going back to my hotel room to spend the next few hours watching another movie 8:30 Pm this makes me hungry – I eat dessert cake, pie and brownies, yum.

I decide to have fun; an escort, drugs and alcohol until I fall asleep for the night; it may not be the most glamorous way to go out, but at least I had some fun, and that’s all that really matters.

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One thought on “If I had one day left to live how would I spend it? 

  1. I I would do the camino de Compostela and of
    Course I can do exercise and if someone hot comes with me I would do some illegal shit and fuck


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